Review: Bumble-Ardy

Bumble-ArdyBumble-Ardy by Maurice Sendak
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Ok, vale and all that…

I can’t really escape the voice of Carole King singing “Chicken Soup with Rice” when I think of Sendak so he gets a big free pass. To say nothing of beautiful nude Mickey.

I have quite a lot of lesser Sendak. To wit:
“No Fighting, No Biting”
“The Nutcracker”
“A Hole is to Dig”.

I have to say that as an author he’s an excellent illustrator.

This was barely cogent. And SWEET JESUS these illustrations are not for children. The animals that come to party with the eponymous pig are completely freaking terrifying.

Think James Ensor.
Think the black death scenes from Herzog’s Nosferatu.
Think the worst cheese dream you’ve ever had. Roquefort level.

The pictures are compelling in the same way those German Carnival heads suck out your eyeballs with their evocation of the Gnostic hovering presence of Death. I mean, archetype au go go.

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