Garage Sale Goodness

Today I smashed a good teacup (Daisy pattern, ‘60s Johnson Bros from an almost complete setting) and snapped the trapeze on a beautiful wooden Circus tent set that the children adore, by stepping on it like a clumsy troll. Enough. Too many HXBuns turned me into a sugar-satiated oaf. I left the house feeling a trifle grumpy.

But I forgot that Easter is garage sale bliss. Fantastic haul of stuff we couldn’t really afford, but which could not be left behind.

  • A Fisher-Price Ark, complete with “Mr Noah” as O. calls him.
  • A pair of exquisite leather equestrian style boots for a four-year old, Country Road (shut up, brandwhore)
  • Gloverall duffle coat in serge blue, purchased for many hundreds of poiunds from Georges in the late sixties. Beyond gorgeous.
  • Lustred, Japanware eggcup with bunny theme
  • Chinese kitsch boxed block puzzle, usually large
  • A plush rat (to sooth a child needing lunch)

Worth a smashed teacup then. The circus can be repaired. Teacup has joined the mosaic box graveyard.


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