Journey to the Interior

Redoubtable Simmone has requested knowledge of the inside of my bag. Since the fabulous purchase of one of these, I can now put my hand actually inside my bag without fear of being slimed.

First, the bag. Black, and more studded than MJ in the video for Bad. Because I get a rush of bargain-related pleasure every time I look at it I will tell you that it was purchased from the Apollo Bay oppie for the princely sum of $4.


And here it is disembowelled. Not very full today. Normally it would have far more child-related detritus (nappies and wipes, hats, drinks etc). All my bags are as capacious as Mary Poppins’ gladstone for this reason.

Things to keep yourself noice – handkerchief for me, and adorable child’s one from the ’60s for my snot-factory daughter. Japanese pouch contains fabulous repro ’50s beachhat with huge brim and bobbles from the famous Shazzhats stall at Salamanca Market, which I’ve had for at least seven years. Undies for my daughter. Tampons and hairpins. Roll-on sunscreen. Kawaii Dumpling Dynasty compact mirror. Waterbottle for child. Lipstick and chapstick.

Writerly stuff – No pen! I fail! Diary 2010, Moleskine.

Reading matter – Dear Lulu.

Silly things – My new wallet, which features meat-eating plants and walking turnips, and is basically a Mark Ryden ripoff. Sunglasses I’ve been told make me look like Corey.

Thing I didn’t know was there – Important receipt for lay-by. I love lay-by.


One thought on “Journey to the Interior

  1. simmone

    all the laydees are packin’ tampons. I am remiss. For a minute there I was showing my 80s self about to make reference to Corey Haim…
    Thanks for the peek, anna!


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