Holiday Backdraft

OK, predictably I have returned from a ten day sojourn to northern climes with a big fat longing to have remained in aforesaid idyll. It was a cold, sucky day in Castlemaine today and outside my dirty windows was a terrible mess of neglected garden begging to be weeded, pruned, swept and burnt off. Compost needs to be made. Chookens need to be cared for. Horrible decaying rubbish needs to be removed to municipal hole in ground what hides our broken toy and lawnmower shame.

It is Spring, and yea verily, our house is a bloody eyesore.

There’s that change of light that happens at this time of year too that makes you suddenly see the utter filth inside your habitation too. The cobwebs, the rind of dust on all the skirting boards painted gloss white in the days before children. Fool living in a paradise without thrown pumpkin mash!

Feeling all a bit resentful about not having any child-free time to fix my house up a bit. But it’s coming soon. So I can feel positive about that. I’ve also just found out that permablitz is coming to town. yay! I’ll be there with my rusty tools and cheap gardening gloves and stupid large hat worthy of a Japanese golfer. Just say the word, perma-people.

In other great news, the homebirth debate is front and centre as the lead article in today’s Good Weekend. Read it.

I’m off to Canberra tomorrow to attend the rally on Monday organised by the Maternity Coalition to send the clear message to our government that they can’t remove the right to safely and legally employ an independent midwife to enjoy the benefits of continuity of care and birthing at home without a hell of a fight. It’s an erosion of choice about birth and smacks of paternalism.

Apparently we have to have bloody folate in our bread too. Bugger off KRudd.


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