Get clefted

We have finally come into the digital age and have a working set-top box. Which has gifted me a rainy Saturday afternoon episode of Magnum P.I. where Higgins electrocuted an old enemy in a terrible epee fencing tragedy.

God, it was slow going. I should’ve learnt from an ill-advised purchase of season one of Wonder Woman several years ago that the 70s are often best remembered through the vaseline of being seven years old. Don’t go back there unless you are absolutely sure.

However, it did give me opportunity to muse on the nature of the clefted chin, for many a year the sign of true machismo on  big and small screens. Think Solo Man, Kirk Douglas, and many a b-grade banana like Jeff Chandler, who actually wielded his chin dimple as a major (perhaps only) acting methodology.

Somewhere in the 90s I think the clefted chin lost cachet. I’m trying to think of recent young stars who have one. Nicholas Cage is all I can think of, and he’s Mr Pachinko and well past it. Oh yes, there’s “old school” Clooney too.

Which makes me wonder why no one sent Michael Jackson the memo. He convinced a chin cleft to crawl onto his chin well past when he should have. Was his surgeon trying to build himself a camp god to worship? Chin cleft, tattooed lipstick and cheek implants. Hmmmm.

Tom Selleck is still hot, but. Don’t get me going on Lassiter.


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