The whole Jacko circus

I feel creeped out by this. Yes, I am a Gen-Xer who loved Michael and had a poster of him 2×2 metres on my bedroom wall that I kissed the lips off. He was wearing a lemon v-neck and a bow tie. My dad used to call him “the midget” – apologies to people of short stature everywhere for this slight – and I HATED when he did. But the MJ of the last fifteen years was a laughing stock at best, and creepy-ville at worst (I recall a game called “rubba-rub” referred to in the court case that sounded all too believable). We’ll never know if he was sexually involved with minors BUT I bet that bitch Dominick Dunne has something to say on the subject. He’s being treated for cancer in Bavaria at present but I’ll look out for his commentary.

I loved Thriller, but god, it was 80s – excess in everything. The mood changed in the 90s but MJ stayed where he was, a dinosaur in the elaborate nature of his shows, his unblushing belief that he could speak for the little man, and a showbiz dinosaur of the LA variety in that he was obviously freakishly insulated from any normalcy. How otherwise could he have continued to have surgery to THAT dysmorphic level? Was no-one looking out for him?

Anyways, my point is that the MJ who lived in the middle east and toured eastern europe where he was still big – well, he was a cautionary tale waaaay before now. So I’m linking to Jarvis Cocker pished, invading the stage at the Brits in ’96 in response to the fatuous ego-fuelled performance of Earth Song by MJ, surrounded by children acting out being poor and hungry, with MJ hovering above in a crane equipped with messianic lighting and wind machine yelling “What about us?”

Incidentally, Bob Geldolf introduced this performance by saying “When his feet move, you can see God dancing”. Bleaurgh.


3 thoughts on “The whole Jacko circus

  1. Bridge

    Thanks for the link. Most timely.

    And thank you Jarvis, for everything, but certainly for this. Remains the most eloquent commentary yet.

  2. hackpacker

    Thank YOU for remembering this brilliant moment. Couldn’t agree more on the last 15 years of Jacko and the whole media hypocrisy. A month ago The Age ran any Jacko story with Wacko as his nickname and now they’re all backflipping respect.
    Weirdly I was in london when Jarvis mooned the Moonwalker. There was so much fuss and Jackson reputedly insisted being called The King Of Pop (all caps) during interviews. He also floated a giant statue of himslef down the Thames as a promo for his History (Greatest Hits) album. Jarvis was seen as a healthy relief from all this pomposity.

    1. themoralhighground Post author

      I remember the HIStory statue. I think he wanted to do it in Melb and they said no…

      I’d never really thought of MJ as a Stalinist – until that statue. It’s like he didn’t spend years hiding out in the “eastern bloc”. Who the hell was he talking to? Didn’t he notice anything?

      Maybe that’s why Dubai ended up being the perfect place for him. A mirage. I think he would have ended up in Vegas, if he’d kept on going.

      There’s a box-set coming out next week…I had an impure thought today. Could he have planned this? The most extravagant media event ever? Make me think of Jade Goody selling her story to set up her kids so they’d have a financial legacy after her death. All too strange for words.

      I feel like I want to write a short story on what MJ and Elizabeth Taylor talked about. She’s had some pretty out-there best buds over the years…


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