Film – The King

Biopic of Graham Kennedy, whom I loved deeply in his late-GraGra incarnation in the 80s on Graham Kennedy Coast to Coast,, showing his underpants and reducing Ken whathisname to tears with laughter on his late night current affairs show. We were rather spoilt for choice then. GraGra if you felt featherlight and silly, and Clive Robertson if in a more melancholic mood. Both fun to watch stoned, incidentally, but with different trajectories. So the major issue with this telemovie is that it appears to have been written as a haiku. There is little shown beyond Kennedy on air. We’ve seen Kennedy perform, so where’s the insight? The early stuff with his childhood and radio days seemed too brief, the on-set stuff from IMT strangely airless. At points, Stephen Curry seems to think that embodying Kennedy involves no more than pushing his tongue into his cheek like an insistent cock, or doing a spot of Toni-Colette-catatonia acting. It did capture his self-hatred and restlessness, but could have been so much more. Shaun Micallef not much good either.


4 thoughts on “Film – The King

  1. themoralhighground Post author

    True, Stephen Hall is great – but he’s only in about two scenes! I did enjoy Graham telling him to f-off tho. I’m glad he didn’t do Bert’s voice – would have been pastiche. He’s the best thing in the Hollowmen too.

  2. Adam Ford

    Yeah he nailed Bert’s speech rhythms and tone – as in volume – without doing an impersonation, which I v. much liked.

    I’m loving watching Mr. Hall going from strength to strength. Here’s to him being our next Eric Bana (?!)


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